SAN DIEGO -- Nancy Maldonado is a finalist in FOX 5's Remarkable Women initiative, which recognizes the valuable contributions women have made in our community and beyond.

The following is a lightly-edited version of the letter nominating Pinomaki for the initiative:

After building her own successful business, Nancy Maldonado joined the Chicano Federation of San Diego County in 2017 as the Senior Director. She quickly moved up the ranks as Chief Operation Officer and then Interim CEO.

In January of 2019, Maldonado was appointed as the permanent CEO of the Chicano Federation of San Diego County. We needed an exceptional leader with the vision and heart to propel the Chicano Federation, and Ms. Maldonado is that leader.

The Chicano Federation is a non-profit that has evolved into a direct services community organization, responding to critical community needs, focusing mainly on low-income community members but serving anyone who qualifies for federation programs.

Maldonado oversees the organization's programs focusing on childcare for infant and toddlers, healthy eating habits, and helping working families find affordable housing. In addition to her duties with the Chicano Federation, Ms. Maldonado has led the strategic development of community-based programs and interventions, and is an active member on several organizational committees and boards, including the California Alternative Payment Program Association Public Policy Committee and the San Diego County Child Care Development Planning Council.

She is also a member of the public policy committee of the San Diego Housing Federation and has been an active member of MANA de San Diego.

Since becoming the CEO, Ms. Maldonado has led Chicano Federation in meeting the region's ever-increasing needs for quality child development programs, affordable housing, and additional comprehensive programs and services.