Our Partners

The Chicano Federation provides essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community every day. Our sponsors' support makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day.

Our Major Sponsors

Some of our advocacy partners:

A private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization established in 1968 to reduce poverty and discrimination, and improve life opportunities for Hispanic Americans.
San Diego Housing Federation
Advocates on affordable housing issues, including advocacy for the homeless and people with disabilities in San Diego County.
Latino Advisory Committee to the Superintendent
Primary focus is working with the Superintendent of City Schools and staff to improve academic achievement and quality of education for Latino students.
San Diego County Child Care and Development Planning Council
Promotes and strengthens childcare and development services in San Diego County.
Invest in San Diego Families Coalition
A coalition of community groups challenging San Diego County to invest in people, services, and policies to improve the well-being of the County’s diverse communities and stimulate the local economy.
San Diego Roadmap to Recovery Task Force
A coalition of non-profit service providers focused on advocating for equity in recovery from the COVID-19 crisis through evidence and research backed solutions.
End Child Poverty in California
This statewide coalition works alongside respected academics, California lawmakers, public officials, and partners throughout the state to advance smart legislation that will help solve the child poverty crisis in California.
Count Me 2020 Coalition
A coalition of over 100 community organizations and civic groups working to ensure a complete and accurate 2020 Census count in San Diego and Imperial Counties.
SD-50 Coalition
A coalition of Advocates in affordable housing and civil rights focused on fighting against archaic housing zoning policies that are rooted in discrimination and segregation of vulnerable communities in San Diego.
Housing California
Since 1988, Housing California has been working to prevent and end homelessness and increase the variety and supply of safe, stable, accessible and permanently affordable homes. Housing California accomplishes its goals through education, advocacy, and outreach.
California Community Builders
California Community Builder's mission is to close the wealth gap for communities of color through homeownership.
California YIMBY
Work with housing policy experts, elected officials, and grassroots organizations across California to craft and pass legislation at the state and local level that will help accelerate home building, solve the affordable housing crisis, and reduce climate pollution.
Strategic Alliance of Ethnic Chambers of Commerce
Coalition of ethnic chambers of commerce advocating for policies at the City of San Diego that will help small businesses of color in the COVID-19 recovery phase.

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Corporations and Childcare Providers, Afterschool programs and Advocacy Groups all partner with us to impact the lives of San Diegans. Join the team and make a difference.
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